Personalized Medicine emphasizes the tailoring of health oriented protocols to the individual characteristics of each person, to optimize preventative guidelines and therapeutic approaches. Personalized medicine is often defined as "the right treatment for the right person at the right time" and aims to optimize wellness and prevent illness and disease. Personalized health care transcends the one size fits all model of conventional medicine, and an individual can make the most effective decisions for themselves. Geomedicine has offered priceless information about what extent people's health fate lies in their specific geographical residence/environmental conditions. Showing that it's not so much our genetics that impact individual health, but it's the environmental specs on the specific region of the state and/or country we live. Even the food we eat is an environmental diagnostic for any client.

A significant paradigm shift is taking place in medicine. The focus is moving away from the reactionary approach (usually entailing drug theropy and/or surgery) to complicated health problem becauseconventional medicine recognizes it's neglected to prevent the hard-to-address diseases from occurring by attempting to proactively address the cause... of the cause of them. From profiles of a client's vitamin and mineral metabolism, personalized supplement protocols, to proven nutritional restructuring, all the way through detox protocols; we offer the most comprehensive and reliable preventive health care strategies for our clients to achieve the highest quality outcomes.

Although conventional medicine has prevailed over many of the diseases that have plagued humanity throughout the ages, what remains are diseases of greater complexity: obesity, thyroid dysfunction, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, Lupus, chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, etc. They are not caused by a single gene or a single event but by a combination of genetic and environmental factors, and they tend to be chronic and place the heaviest burden on the healthcare system. Personalized health care can provide tools needed to better manage chronic diseases and address them most completely.

Epigeneitcs research has forged a new of groud in understanding just how codependent the relationship between nutrition and DNA actually is. Poor nutrition is proven to cause DNA to break down faster than the natural aging process, and these damaged genomes then get passed down to offspring who then inherit defects and develop growth abnormalities. Fortunately, vitamin and mineral supplementation have been shown to reverse some of these effects.

Our clients implement a diagnostic profile of an individuals vitamin and mineral metabolism to guide the tailoring of a supplement protocol, correcting years of imbalance, minimizing undesirable side effects and ensuring a more successful outcome. Our biochemist holds the only U.S. Patented diet program to address chemistry rooted in obesity, blood sugar and cholesterol irregularities. Also, our biochemist has tailored cutting edge detox protocols to maximize effectiveness vs. effort and cost.

We offer an in depth structured model for efficient preventive personalized healthcare. It is coordinated and evidence-based. It's proactive and participatory, engaging people in lifestyle choices, and active health maintenance; to help compensate for genetic, nutritional and environmental susceptibilities.

Personalized Health Care: Optimize Wellness while Preventing Illness & Disease
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  Step#1: Hair Analysis        
Step#2: Custom Supplement Protocol Step#3: Dietary Modifications Step#4: Detox Options

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