DIY Kidney Detox/Cleanse

You Will Need:

• 88oz. of Virgil's Cola, Real Cola, China Cola or your choice of any natural cola which contains phosphoric acid in the list of ingredients. You can use Coke Classic if you wish. Avoid decaf and/or sugar free varieties.

• 8oz. of frozen or fresh organic asparagus


Portion the Cola into 2-44oz. glasses, again avoid decaf or sugar free, from a fast food place so it does not sit around in plastic or aluminum as from store shelves.

Add juice of 1/2 squeezed lemon if desired. It will cut the sweetness and also help dissolve the stones. Drink this 88oz of cola within 2hrs. It's recommended to drink from a straw so you do not take the enamel off the teeth. When you are almost done, start steaming 8oz. of frozen asparagus, if you get the kind that comes in a steamer bag, do not steam it in that bag. Remove it from the bag and put it in a pan with just a little water and cover on med heat till soft.

NOTE: Never cook, microwave or steam anything in plastic!

Immediately when finished with the last of the cola, eat the asparagus slowly... over about 10min... then drink at least 20oz. of distilled water.


Start the kidney cleanse about 11AM, and drive around doing errands for the first hour while drinking the first coke. The small amount of vibration from the car will help the process. You can see how many remnants of stones you have passed by not flushing the toilet and watching as they collect on the bottom. Note what colors they are as that tells us what their chemical composition is. the range in color from black to brick to tan to white. The look like sand or grit.

Try not do this cleanse or the liver cleanse when the barometer is falling or during a full moon. Best to do any cleanse just at the end of a storm or bad weather. You can do this kidney cleanse every other day if necessary. Keep a log of how much sand you pass and what colors it is.

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Why You Should Detox/Cleanse and Actively Maintain Your Liver & Gallbladder:

When these stone get to large, and eventually pass, it can be very painful. Heading these things off at the pass is a wise proposition when it's as easy to do as it is. Accute disruption from kidney stones are thought to occure in about 1 in 10 people. Children as young as 5 are known to get them. Taking measures to prevent kidney stones could be of great value to just about everybody.

What You'll Notice:

You will see sand and colored grit in the toilet when you start urinating, especially after the asparagus. The grit is comprized of calcium deposits that were once lodged in the tissue of the kidney's. The outer portions of the lodged grit are desolved by the acids and the stone that you can see is reduced in size.

Even when stones aren't obviously passed, the safe yet powerful acids are desolving all kinds of tiny buildup and flushing it out of the system.

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