DIY Liver & Gallbladder Detox/Cleanse

You Will Need:

• 100% pure malic acid capsules | ORDER |

• 4tbsp Epsom salts

• 8 organic red grapefruits, as cold as possible, not frozen

• 1/2cup organic extra virgin olive oil, organic grapeseed oil, or organic canola oil

• Up to 2 days of rest or sleep if needed


Days 1-5: Eat a low fat diet, and take 3caps of malic acid in the AM and PM with food.

Day 6: Eat no fat or oil at all, and no meat for breakfast or lunch.

Do not eat after 2PM, water only.

At 6PM, squeeze 1 to 1/2 fresh organic grapefruits and mix 1tbsp epsom salts in the juice, drink down right away so that there is no taste and the crystals have not dissolved yet. Make sure the grapefruits are very cold.

At 8PM, do the same again.

At 9:45PM, get yourself ready for bed, so tat when you take the next dose you go straight to bed, and lie on your right side in a fetal position for at least 30min. Stay in bed for the night and try to sleep. Take 1 1/2 grapefruits juice again, but no epsom salts, this time shake up in a glass jar with 1/2cup of the oil. It will emulsify right away. It does not taste so bad either...

You will start to pass gallbladder and liver stones possibly that night or it will be in the morning. You will be amazed! It clears the gall bladder well, and the liver too. Gall stones are tan to brown, sometimes black, but liver stones are pea green. they can be up to the size of a quarter. There is usually no pain other than a bit of cramping from the purge. You will see the stones float on the surface of the toilet water. You will pass stones for a day or even 2.

Do not eat anything, you likely won't be hungry either.

Next AM, not before 6AM, Repeat the epsom salts and 1 1/2 grapefruits juice again when you get up and again in 2 more hours... then after a short time if you want to eat, you can... lightly. You may well want to sleep for a good portion of the day... your liver has been working hard! You will also likely drop your cholesterol up to 50 points as well as 2 to 5lbs, and some toxic bloat.

Gallbladder and liver, in traditional Chinese medicine, holds fear, anger, frustration, anxiety, panic and frequent sighing. Those emotions are purged as well. Allergies are alleviated as well as shoulder pain, low back pain, pain in upper arms and between shoulder blades in upper back. Helps with stamina and chronic fatigue as well as fibromyalgia.

You can repeat the flush in a week to 2 weeks, and often more stones are passed the second time as the biliary ducts have already been opened. Digestion will be improved too. It is recommended to keep doing them until fewer and fewer stones are passed, at least 4 times per year anyway, after the first few to clear. There will also be a heavy amount of chaf, that will smell very bad from the liver too.

I do not recommend that for people who come here for my detox program until the sick person has done an amount of detox to at least get a load off the liver first. The essiac tea we produce works very well in asisting the body to detox and mellowing out anxiety and what some people call a continuous “quivering feeling” inside.

NOTE: If a large stones gets stuck in the ducts during passage, you could feel pain like a gall bladder attack and perhaps vomit a small amount of bile. Immediately take the dosage of grapefruits juice and Epsom salts again, and again two hours after, as this relaxes the biliary ducts, followed by another juice and oil dose 2 hours from that, as you did before. Lie down on right side again in a fetal position, continue as before.

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Liver & Gallbladder Detox Cleanse

A healthier, better functioning, liver and believe it or not many report a happier outlook on life. If you've never done it before, just wait until you see what's been clogging up your liver and gallbladder for who knows how long?

Why You Should Detox/Cleanse and Actively Maintain Your Liver & Gallbladder:

The liver functions in daily metabolism to clarify the blood from metabolic by products and wastes, as well as provided valuable digestive aid in the form of bile. Bile is the emulsifier (or solublizer) of fats, so that they can be digested completely and properly. The liver also controls the blood sugar levels in the body, so that it remains stable and does not roller coaster up and down. When the liver becomes compromised and cannot do its job, it is not able to regulate blood sugar from within and so the body will crave sugars and simple carbohydrates from the outside. This is why we want to eat “everything but the drapes,” craving carbs, only to experience the extreme highs and lows of blood sugar, mood, energy levels, foggy thinking, indecision, irritability, and inability to deal with them in a calm, sensible and effective manner.

With a compromised liver function also comes inability to regulate blood fats and hormones too. Saturated fats and cholesterol elevate in the blood, clogging blood vessels, and further slowing the support to the brain and thinking as well as contributing to hormone imbalances of all kinds.

So what causes this compromise of the liver? There are several general categories of environmental toxins that we are exposed to every day in our air, water and food that are well known to cause liver compromise. Pesticides, herbicides, solvents, artificial flavors, artificial fragrances, synthetic cleaners, vegetable oils high in inflammatory poly unsaturates such as corn, soy or safflower; preservative and plastic residues are not able to be broken down and digested or detoxified by the liver. These toxic residues build up over time, and by permanently binding with bile and other liver enzymes, cause liver and gallstones to form and block the ducts of the organs, further compounding yet more retained toxins.

With more and more stones blocking the flow of both stones and bile, the liver will slow down bile production to accommodate the restriction of flow. Stones will slowly grow over time and then begin to dump into the gallbladder where they will collect. When there is a draw for bile after eating a fatty meal, and the flow of bile is blocked, a painful gallbladder attack can occur.

Conventional medicine’s answer to this situation is surgery to remove the gallbladder, but that does not address the cause of the cause of the problem at hand. It is simply a temporary diversion to the actual problem, and you loose functionality of your very own gallbladder. Hopefully, if you are reading this message and have already been diagnosed with a gallbladder syndrome, also you are not the throes of an attack, then it is not too late to clear your liver and gallbladder while changing your living habits so that fewer liver stones will form in the first place.

In traditional Chinese medicine, stagnated liver Qi (pronounced Chi) or life force is associated with emotions of anger, frustration, irrational thinking, violence, cruelty, foggy thinking, violence, and hyper or nervous energy. One should look every day, that have dramatically increased in the last decade of every sort of “rage” to understand that something is effecting all, or at least most part, of society today. And those living in the most compromised areas, suffering the highest exposures to toxins are manifesting the highest statistics of dysfunctional behaviors.

Some of the effects people have reported after following the protocol are:

• Reduced allergies
• More energy for chronic fatigue sufferers
• Reduction of chronic back pain especially between the shoulder blades
• Relief from stiff neck
• Reduction of upper arm inflammation and pain
• Bursitis has also been reported to be helped too

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