Typical Grocery Store Layout

The more processed a food product is, the more laden with preservatives, gluten, artificial colors, artificial flavors, pesticide residues, herbicide residues, fungicide residues, plasticizers, and detergents.

Baked Goods are heavily processed with a high glycimic index, and brominated doe conditioners. These should be the smallest part of your diet and considered part of your junk food intake.

Avoid Deli Meat because it is highly processed. It contains a small concentration of actual meat, and a high concentration of the chemicals in the categories listed above. Also containing high amounts of nitrates and nitrites shown to increase risk of cancer.

Harsh Chemical Cleaners need to be avoided because they contain solvents, chemical colors, chemical fragrences, and other complex chemicals that soak through the skin (when you touch them) and lung tissue (when you smell them). These chemicals accumulate into an individuals total toxic body burden and impacting quality of life over the years.

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Built upon the only U.S. Patented Diet Program in the History of the United States of America

Biochemist Linsey McLean's U.S. Patented diet program has earned world acredidation with tailored application to obesity in this growingly overweight country and world.

Feuling the right biochemical pathways to provide the oppurtunity for an increased quality of life should be a higher priority than giving in to the adictive nature of abscentminded eating.

There is a lot of speculation out there about why there are such stardlingly high rates of obesity, gluten intolerance, food/food by-product sensivities, as well as other digestive disorders and diseases in the U.S. population. Modern life has brought great imbalance to the human body by moving too far, too quickly, from fueling the biological function that we evolved to depend on.

When early man walked the earth, he didn't encounter preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, pesticide residue, herbicide residue, fungicide residue, plasticizers, detergents, GMO's etc. in his daily food. He ate a diet more suited to his genetics, as his genetics were only able bring his very life by learning from elders about what to eat. His diet did not contain chemicals that were foreign to his environment let alone in a remotely comparable concentration similar to the present.

Today, we eat processed foods of all kinds, engeniereed for a specific crunch or chewyness, not typically for nutrition. Believe it or not, the more processed our foods have become the more laced with chemicals of all varieties, in levels deemed safe, and in order to produce an eatible product made from the abslute cheapest possible ingredients. A very high percentage of all food consumed in America is processed, depleted and/or imbalanced in it's nutrients. We all should take more pleasure out of cooking for ourselves for many reasons.

The ultmate problem is when decades of an modern diet and lifestyle catch up with you; it's likely that you'll find out from your doctor about your new serious health problem. By then it's likely too late. You've already acclimated to a subpar quality of life and without a proper context for wellness, you couldn't tell what you'd been missing out on for all those years while the suddle incidious signs of growing illness crept up on you. The more complicated the health problem you incure makes it all the harder to rebound and more significantly turn back the biological clock.