Hair Analysis: Diagnostic in Systemic Levels of Essential & Toxic Elements in the Body
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  Step#1: Hair Analysis        
Step#2: Custom Supplement Protocol Step#3: Dietary Modifications Step#4: Detox Options

This test provides deeper insight into your biochemical function:

A Measurement of Toxic & Essential
Elements in the Body

It’s Inexpensive & Noninvasive

Extensive research has established that scalp hair element levels are related to human systemic levels. You will receive a consultation with our biochemist, comparing your levels to averages in the population. Analyzing levels of essential elements like magnesium, selenium and calcium; through toxic elements like mercury, arsenic, lead and many more.

In a world where we read articles about what vitamins and minerals we generally need, it’s priceless to have a personalized protocol addressing your particular deficiencies or imbalances in a comparison to the rest of the population, so that you can limit your dietary supplement(s) to the ones you actually need. With a custom protocol and consultation with our biochemist [included with the cost], you can be sure that you're taking the highest quality supplement(s) tailored to your specific needs, at the most affordable price.

For those with acute toxicities, we offer premium protocols that often times do not require the use of our products and also carry premium products to aid the body in detoxification of all kinds of relevant un-metabolized buildup.

We also use extensive case history data, more specific lab analysis in order to achieve optimal wellness and best address the cause, of the cause... of the cause, of your specific health compromises.

When you look at the statistics, if you're an American, you've got health compromise(s). The fact of the matter is that these compromises are impacting your quality of life and the length of it, just like your neighbor. If we were healthier people as a nation, at least to some degree, we'd have healthier families, work that may be worthy of higher income, and play more often as well. These are the things we need to start thinking more about, and this web site gives you the tools to act upon some very basic health care concepts in ways that may be new to you.

Since very small weight measurements are somewhat difficult to make at home; we ask that the volume of 2 (packed) tablespoons be taken from the back of the neck up into the hair line. If hair treatment is used, let the hair grow out in order to avoid sending any colored, bleached or permed hair. Also, be sure to only provide the first 2 inch's from the scalp as longer strands reflect your condition to far in the past. Put the cut hair into a paper envelope with and piece of paper which has contact information, the name, sex & age of the person whom the sample was taken, and then send to our office at:

Vita Royal Products, Inc.
Accts. Receivable
840 Husker Place
Rapid City, SD 57701

You can include a check for payment if you like, or call in with your credit of debit card number. Allow 3-4 weeks for results to return from the lab, and one additional week for a phone consultation with our biochemist where a personalized supplement protocol will be provided. Our office will confirm when we've received the sample & payment.

A Different Way to Look into the Body
Hair Analysis Sample

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